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Hirschy Jam 2010


Event On January 23rd, 2010 !!!!!!! 

$15 Donation To Enter  


Giveaways And First And Second Place Cash Prize 


Chance To Be On The Website In Video Or Pictures 


**For More Information Check Out The Event Page On Facebook** 
 Click Here For Facebook Event Page


~Ladies night is a night dedicated to the ladies. So all girls grab your shred sticks and head out to the Hirschy Lab for a fun free night of increasing your snowboarding abilities and playing in the snow. **Every friday night**

~Gayper day is a day of looking gay...thats what a gayper is. (gay person) So dress up in the gayest snowboard gear you can find and come ride the Hirschy Lab...but don't take your riding too serious. In case you need another explanation of what a gayper is please refer to the picture below. ENJOY...



 Hirschy Jam 2009 Results

1st Place - Troy Kowalski (270-frontboard-270 out)

2nd Place - Benny Kaufman (on battleship: 50-50 up-270 over middle-frontboard down)

3rd Place - Landon Kowalski (cab 180-nosepress-michael jackson out)


Best Fall 1st Place - Josh Jacobs ( Attempt at 540 but only got 270)

Best Fall 2nd Place - Vince Manglardi ( Lands his jump but can't stop)


Good Job all place winners and thanks to all other riders who came out! 

2/8/08: Hirschy Jam

The Hirschy Jam™ is a contest held for snowboarders by snowboarders. It consists of at least 20 riders. There will be five rounds per person and only three people will qualify for the final two rounds. Winner gets $50 along with a free season pass.  Second place gets $10 prize. Third place gets $5 prize. Entry fee is $5 and is due by 7:30 on Friday, February 8.

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