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The Hirschy Lab Crew


Nick Trotochaud: Hirschy Lab Manager/ Owner/ Main Park Construction

Mike Jost: Park Manager/ Hirschy Lab Assistant Manager/ Financial Advisor

Mike Hirsch: Hirschy Lab Co-Creator/ Hype Man 

 Eric Upchurch: Filming/ Photographer/ Media





  Mike Hirsch

 ***The True OG of the Hirschy Lab***

Name: Mike Hirsch

Birthday: 8-10-90

Years Riding: some say he came out of the womb strapped to a snowboard

Place to ride: Winter Park/ Hirschy Lab

Favorite Trick: 270 Frontboard/ SB rodeo 900 

Favorite Rider: Zack Stern/Jeremy Jones

Set-Up: Burton Blunt 155

Sponsor: Hirschy Lab Productions + any other company you could think of





Josh Jacobs

Name: Josh Jacobs

Birthday: 3-22-92

Years Riding: 9

Place to ride: Bear Mtn. & Hirschy Lab

Favorite Trick: FS 360

Favorite Rider: Trevor Andrew

Set-Up: Ride DH/ Burton UnInc, Ride Beta Movement, DC Park Boot/ Burton Hail 

Sponser: Hirschy Lab Productions 




 Kevin Jackson

Name: Kevin Jackson

Birthday: 10-27-91

Years Riding: 8

Place to ride: Vail

Favorite Trick: Stalefish Backside 180

Favorite Rider: Jussi Oksanen

Set-Up: Burton Blunt, Burton Cartel, DC Park Boot 

Sponsor: Hirschy Lab Productions 


*Kevin no longer rides with us due to unfortunate circumstances but he will always be a Hirschy Lab team member...We miss you bro*




  Nick Trotochaud

Name: Nick Trotochaud

Birthday: 3-19-92

Years Riding: 4

Place to ride: Breckenridge/ Hirschy Lab

Favorite Trick: Backside 540

Favorite Rider: Chris Bradshaw/ MFM

Set-Up: Rome Artifact SK

Sponsor: Crunk Energy Drink, MWP, Hirschy Lab Productions





  Mike Jost

Name: Mike Jost

Birthday: 4-26-88

Years Riding: 4

Place to ride: Telluride/ Hirschy Lab

Favorite Trick: Tailslide

Favorite Rider: Danny Kass

Set-Up: Ride DH/ Burton Twin, Flux Super Titan/ Flow Amp 7, Flow Boa

Sponsor: Hirschy Lab Productions





  Colin Muller

Name: Colin Muller

Birthday: 4-06-92

Years Riding:7

Place to ride: HIRSCHY LAB!!

Favorite Trick: Tailslide 270 out

Favorite Rider: Devun Walsh

Set-Up: 05 Forum Destroyer, Ride RX Bindings, Forum Recon Boot

Sponsor:Hirschy Lab Productions






  Benny Kaufman

Name: Benny Kaufman

Birthday: 2-27-93

Years Riding: 6

Place to ride: Hirschy Lab & COC

Favorite Trick: Back 540 Melon

Favorite Rider: Pat Milbery/ Lucas Magoon

Set-Up: Rome Artifact 1985, Union Forces, 32 Lashed

Sponsor: Hirschy Lab Productions





  Eric Upchurch

Name: Eric Upchurch

Birthday: 10-24-91

Years Riding: 3

Place to ride: Hirschy Lab 

Favorite Trick: Michael Jackson & Back Lip

Favorite Rider: Benny Kaufman & Jeff Block

Set-Up: Burton Elite/ Burton Custom Bindings

Sponsor: Hirschy Lab Productions






  Jeff Block


Name: Jeff Block

Birthday: 5-02-92

Years Riding: 6

Place to ride: Hirschy Lab & Breckenridge

Favorite Trick: lipslide

Favorite Rider: Trevor Andrew

Set-Up: Forum Travis Kennedy/Forum Youngblood Bindings

Sponsor: Hirschy Lab Productions

















Special Thanks To The Hirschy Lab Grooming Crew!





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